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Home Pet Euthanasia Massachusetts

You are here because your companion is nearing the end of life. We are sensitive to this throughout the entire process. First we will discuss when the time is right (though it may never feel right).



Sometimes it is difficult to decide when is the right time to schedule the house call. Therefore we can take it on a day by day basis. I do my best to be available on short notice when you decide it is time. If you would like to discuss your pet’s condition you may call for a free phone consultation. I may be able to help you decide when is the right time.


If you are ready to schedule an appointment you may use the online scheduling tool to reserve your appointment time. 


At Home

I will introduce myself and we can then choose a place in your home where you and your pet are most comfortable. Your pet can be in their own bed, in your lap or outside under their favorite tree.


When you are ready I will first give a sedative by injection under the skin. This injection is similar to getting a vaccine and most pets do not even notice it. The sedative takes approximately 10- 15 min to take full effect. At this point your pet will be completely relaxed without pain or anxiety. When you and your pet are ready, I will shave a small amount of hair and place a intravenous catheter. A catheter is placed to ensure that I have direct access to the bloodstream when injecting. The final injection is then given in the vein through the catheter. This second injection takes only a minute or two. Shortly following the injection I will then listen with a stethoscope and confirm your pet’s passing. I will then offer you additional time in private to say good bye.


If you prefer not to be involved that is ok. I do not require assistance if you choose not to remain in the room. Some people prefer to say goodbye after the sedative and then leave the room. However, you may do as you feel comfortable.



I will respectfully transport your beloved pet if you choose private/group cremation. From there Forget Me Not Pet Crematory will handle your pet with dignity throughout the entire aftercare process. If you would like more information on Forget Me Not Pet Crematory please go to http://forget-me-notpetcrematory.com/. When the cremains are ready to be returned there are several options to choose from. You may pick up at Forget Me Not in Northborough, your regular veterinary clinic, or choose UPS shipping (additional fee for shipping). 


Other options for aftercare include home burial or use of an outside cremation center. For these additional options you would be responsible for making arrangements.

Peaceful Pet Parting is no longer providing services. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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