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"I cannot begin to say enough about Dr. Janet and her Staff. Our Family Dog Mandy was 13 years old when her health declined rapidly.


I knew it was her time but my husband was having a very hard time facing the reality of losing a very important part of our family.


I love our veterinarian but when I called them, the person on the other end of the phone made it seem more like I was scheduling a visit not making an appointment to put my dog down. The times they had available made it difficult for all of us to be there with her to say goodbye.


I told them I would call back. I am known as the google queen so I started googling away. That’s how I found Dr. Janet and Peaceful Pet Parting.


I had never heard of a vet coming to the house to euthanize your dog. Our dog like most didn’t like going to the vet to begin with, so when I found someone that would come to the house I was intrigued. Dr. Janet answered my calls/emails promptly and with care.


I told my husband and he thought this was the only way he too could go through with this. She was also available at times that worked better for us.


Dr. Janet and a staff member came to the house. They were very loving and caring with Mandy. They explained what they would be doing and told us we could have as much time as we needed.


They offered to let us have privacy if needed but I honestly felt better with them there.


They hugged us when it was over and you could tell they honestly cared. We had decided we wanted Mandy with us and buried her on our property.


Needless to say this was a difficult time for our family but my husband took it the hardest. He was devastated. One day he left the house for a few hours and when he came home he told me he had gone to see Dr. Janet to Thank her. He hugged me and said this was the only and best way for him to say goodbye to Mandy.


We had gotten Mandy from the Sterling Animal Shelter, Dr. Janet works for the Shelter too. It was meant to be, seemed Mandy came full circle.


She passed away in June and since then I had been looking at available puppies on the Sterling Animal Shelters Website. Finally last week my husband went and brought home our New Puppy from the Shelter. We are in Love all over again. I know when the day comes, in many years.


I will call Dr. Janet for sure!!!!"


-Lori Ruggiero 

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